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Twitter Background Dimensions, Sizes and Specifications

Download a Free Photoshop Twitter Template

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It is a good idea to create a professional background for your Twitter page or account for several reasons. First, if you understand good marketing then you know that branding is important to create a memory of your company, or what is appropriately called, Top of Mind Marketing or Top of the Conciousness Level Marketing.

A customized Twitter background lets you keep your brand colors, logo and fonts uniform.

Second, you have an opportunity with a customized Twitter background to deliver your marketing message to anyone ho follows you or visits your Twitter page.

Third, is that you can deliver the perception that you are "professional" or an expert. People buy from "experts" or those who they have built relationships with. Creating the perception of professionalism is a must to increase sales and revenue.

So the question I always get when I am lecturing at one of my Social Media University courses is, what should the size of my background be and how do I create one? There are several recommended sizes for Twitter backgrounds. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that monitor resolution sizes vary. Therefore your background will not be viewed the same on all pcs. Keeping standard monitor and resolution sizes in mind, here are some standard and recommended Twitter background sizes / dimensions / specifications:

Total Size: 1920px Wide X 1200px Tall or 1024px x 768px (Display Area Tall 600px)
You can also use common screen dimensions such as 1280px x 768px etc

Left Bar: Approximately 200px Wide X 600px Tall

Top Bar Accross: 75px Tall x Total Width Above

There are several lines that display on the right side that can also be used for marketing your business. You must repeat the display at least three times so that it is displayed no matter the size the screen resolution. Sample lines start approximately at 900px, 1100px and 1440px from the left.

Images must be smaller than 800k. GIF, JPG, PNG.

The best tool to design your Twitter background is Photoshop. Here is a link to a free photoshop template that you can use as a guideline to design your own Twitter background:

Download a Free Twitter Background Photoshop Template at:

I hope that this information has helped. Please feel free to send me your questions comments and opinions.

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  2. I do believe that a good branding results to great client retention. Twitter, a social networking site, is usually used to connect with people who matter most, to socialize and of course a great tool for marketing. Marketing with Twitter cost less and also is a great investment. First, you have to do branding with your page with professional Twitter backgrounds. It actually depends on the products/services and the target market. The background should merge with the identity of the product or service. For example if the product's market is the kids' population, then try cute Twitter backgrounds. Branding creates identity and that identity should unite with the product.

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