Friday, January 15, 2010

The Secret Social Media Seminar

The Secret Social Media University Seminar

What is your online business dream?

Do you visualize yourself making piles of cash doing what you love?

Can you imagine heaps of traffic coming to your site and buying your product?

You aren't alone.

Millions of people would like to do the same.

And many of them are very serious about succeeding.

So what would you do to succeed?

I am a huge fan of seminars and conferences. In fact, I recommend people kick off their online business by going to a conference or hands-on workshop. It's the best way to minimize mistakes and maximize your start.

If you were going to a conference, who would you want to learn from?

Imagine this "dream-team" lineup...

Mark Joyner
Armand Morin
Jeff Walker
Marlon Sanders
Mike Koenigs
Brad Fallon
Kristopher Jones
Ray Edwards
Dave Taylor
Perry Marshall
Rich Schefren
Mike Filsaime

What would you pay to receive Internet business instruction from this incredible group of instructors.

I know people would pay thousands to receive advice from these people!

Now imagine this...

All twelve together in one place...

... for two weeks

... with NO pitching any of their products

... with up to two hours of brilliant Internet marketing insight on the topics of branding, copywriting, viral marketing, business building, viral videos, traffic generation, social media and more!

Let's face it. If you missed out on this opportunity for even $2000 you would question your own seriousness about your business.

Now I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.

First, the bad news...

The seminar has already taken place.

And not only can you NOT buy a ticket to this serminar, but you never could!

In fact, NO ONE could buy a ticket to this seminar.


The twelve contestants for my award-winning reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire, were invited to participate in a closed-door seminar from the brightest and best minds in Internet marketing.

They were treated to hour after hour of actual, practical Internet marketing advice that was invaluable.

No one else got to participate. If you weren't a contestant, you didn't get to listen in.

Now here's the good news...

You are NOW invited to enjoy the very same teaching that the contestants on my show did1

In fact, all twelve sessions have now become available in a new online digital format for INSTANT viewing!

The Secret Classroom

This twelve-video package is worth thousands of dollars. There's no question about it.

And up until now, our customers have gladly paid up to $497 to receive a DVD set in the mail containing all twelve sessions.

But now, for the first time ever, you can get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Secret Classroom series online for less... MUCH less.

The Secret Classroom won't cost you thousands of dollars.

Hours of incredible instruction from Armand Morin, Mike Filsaime and the others won't even cost you $497.

If you go to this site right now, I am going to give you access to a seminar SO exclusive that you couldn't buy a ticket to it for JUST $47!

That's all!

If you are serious about your internet business, you should go right now and begin watching these videos right away.

You will not find this content anywhere else.

And while there are never guarantees of success in anything in life, I believe acting on the information in these videos will put you one step closer to being... the next Internet millionaire.

Go now and get unlimited access to The Secret Classroom.

The Secret Social Media Classroom
Click Here!

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