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Twitter Background Dimensions, Sizes and Specifications

Download a Free Photoshop Twitter Template

Posted by Manny Sarmiento -

It is a good idea to create a professional background for your Twitter page or account for several reasons. First, if you understand good marketing then you know that branding is important to create a memory of your company, or what is appropriately called, Top of Mind Marketing or Top of the Conciousness Level Marketing.

A customized Twitter background lets you keep your brand colors, logo and fonts uniform.

Second, you have an opportunity with a customized Twitter background to deliver your marketing message to anyone ho follows you or visits your Twitter page.

Third, is that you can deliver the perception that you are "professional" or an expert. People buy from "experts" or those who they have built relationships with. Creating the perception of professionalism is a must to increase sales and revenue.

So the question I always get when I am lecturing at one of my Social Media University courses is, what should the size of my background be and how do I create one? There are several recommended sizes for Twitter backgrounds. The one thing that you have to keep in mind is that monitor resolution sizes vary. Therefore your background will not be viewed the same on all pcs. Keeping standard monitor and resolution sizes in mind, here are some standard and recommended Twitter background sizes / dimensions / specifications:

Total Size: 1920px Wide X 1200px Tall or 1024px x 768px (Display Area Tall 600px)
You can also use common screen dimensions such as 1280px x 768px etc

Left Bar: Approximately 200px Wide X 600px Tall

Top Bar Accross: 75px Tall x Total Width Above

There are several lines that display on the right side that can also be used for marketing your business. You must repeat the display at least three times so that it is displayed no matter the size the screen resolution. Sample lines start approximately at 900px, 1100px and 1440px from the left.

Images must be smaller than 800k. GIF, JPG, PNG.

The best tool to design your Twitter background is Photoshop. Here is a link to a free photoshop template that you can use as a guideline to design your own Twitter background:

Download a Free Twitter Background Photoshop Template at:

I hope that this information has helped. Please feel free to send me your questions comments and opinions.

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Manny Sarmiento - CEO / New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Secret Social Media Seminar

The Secret Social Media University Seminar

What is your online business dream?

Do you visualize yourself making piles of cash doing what you love?

Can you imagine heaps of traffic coming to your site and buying your product?

You aren't alone.

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So what would you do to succeed?

I am a huge fan of seminars and conferences. In fact, I recommend people kick off their online business by going to a conference or hands-on workshop. It's the best way to minimize mistakes and maximize your start.

If you were going to a conference, who would you want to learn from?

Imagine this "dream-team" lineup...

Mark Joyner
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Mike Filsaime

What would you pay to receive Internet business instruction from this incredible group of instructors.

I know people would pay thousands to receive advice from these people!

Now imagine this...

All twelve together in one place...

... for two weeks

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... with up to two hours of brilliant Internet marketing insight on the topics of branding, copywriting, viral marketing, business building, viral videos, traffic generation, social media and more!

Let's face it. If you missed out on this opportunity for even $2000 you would question your own seriousness about your business.

Now I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.

First, the bad news...

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The twelve contestants for my award-winning reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire, were invited to participate in a closed-door seminar from the brightest and best minds in Internet marketing.

They were treated to hour after hour of actual, practical Internet marketing advice that was invaluable.

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Now here's the good news...

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In fact, all twelve sessions have now become available in a new online digital format for INSTANT viewing!

The Secret Classroom

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But now, for the first time ever, you can get INSTANT ACCESS to the entire Secret Classroom series online for less... MUCH less.

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The Secret Social Media Classroom
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Improve Your Google Ranking

Leverage the Power of LinkedIn to Improve Your Google Ranking

By Luis Olivo

LinkedIn is a network of approximately fifty million business professionals. Most people utilize the LinkedIn network to connect with other professionals and establish business connections. In some ways LinkedIn is similar to Facebook, except LinkedIn is all business and you won't get peppered with Farmville gifts or Mafia Wars loot.

Instead of games, LinkedIn features many different discussion groups with each one focused on a topic. You can join as many groups as you like, participate, connect and network... just remember to keep it professional and get people wanting to know more about you and what you have to offer.

Many professionals use LinkedIn to get connected but don't realize the power of LinkedIn to improve Google ranking. LinkedIn gets decent page ranking in Google. It is a great way to get your name ranked. So when prospects or potential partners Google your name, your information comes up. This gives you control of your name on the web and increases your credibility. You can do this by creating a public profile with full view and also select and create a customized URL with your name. It will also help to utilize your new personalized URL around the web such as in forum signatures, email or in author resource boxes at the end of some of your articles to create back links to your profile and help boost its rank, especially if you have a common name.

Improve Google ranking for your websites such as your blog. LinkedIn allows you to promote three websites. Most people use the default drop down generic categories such as "My Blog", "My Website", "My Company", etc. You can select "other" and customize the name of the link to be more descriptive and include keywords. Make sure your profile is set to full view and you now have customized anchor text pointing to your site from an authoritative website. This helps improve search engine ranking.

While LinkedIn is a great site to network with professionals, if you don't use it to connect, at least utilize the SEO, search engine optimization, value to get your name and website ranking increased with Google and Yahoo.

Luis Olivo teaches and trains home business professionals how to attract leads to themselves using social media, search, video sharing and bookmarking sites.

Visit ExtremeMLM Lead System today and learn marketing secrets that will allow you to take your business to the next level as well as recieve direct coaching and mentoring from Luis Olivo.

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