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Tips For Social Bookmarking

Tips For Social Bookmarking

By Karen Thomson

Social Bookmarking sites are extremely fast and easy to join and they can prove to be an extremely useful tool in helping you to spread the word about your business interests and any other content that you have written that is connected to those interests.

Not all bookmarks that you ad will be found by other people and not all of the ones that are found will be bookmarked or highlighted as favourites by other people either but nevertheless, every entry still has the potential power to generate traffic and the search facilities within each bookmarking site will give you a chance of showing up in the results each time a keyword or phrase that you have used is searched for.

Although it can vary from site to site, you will normally have the ability to include a title, short description and string of relevant tags for your entry. The title should be short and straight to the point. These can be factual or simply intriguing in order to draw the reader's attention and the description should pique the interest of the visitor to encourage them to read further. Whatever way you put it all together, think of it as performing the in the same way as a resource box at the foot of an article. You want to get as many people as possible to click through to your product or service by using your link.

However you put it together, your intention is purely to get as many people as possible to click through to your website or the website of your vendor to buy the product or service that you are currently promoting. If they click though and they like what it is you have to show them, they are likely to show their appreciation by bookmarking the site themselves. This will give you a naturally generated increase in ranking within the bookmarking site for that item with the possibility that it will be seen by more and more people.

Tags are essentially the same thing as keywords. You need to ensure that you tag every entry with as many relevant and strong keywords as you can, because they will all increase your entry's chances of being found by other people. There are a number of free online keyword tool sites which will help you to discover which keywords will be the most effective in marketing your particular product or service online.

Some sites limit the amount of tags you may use so just make sure to make use of whatever space you have without repeating yourself. Submit your pages to as many social bookmarking sites as you possibly can find. This will ensure that your chances of being found online increase each day and it helps to create backlinks from other sites to your own. Backlinks are extremely important to generate traffic to your site and helps your search engine rankings climb higher, so do all that you can to bookmark as many pages with as many sites as possible.

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