Saturday, August 7, 2010

Innovation - The Secret Of Giant Success

Innovation - The Secret Of Giant Success

By Joel Comm

Surf the Web for more than about five minutes and you'll start to recognize a pattern: there are a small number of great sites that do fantastic things... and a very large number of me-too sites that try to make money by doing the exact same thing.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those me-too sites. I'm all in favor of competition and sometimes a me-too site can offer features that improve on the original. They might make less money than the original but even if they only make a fraction of the first site's income, that can often be enough for the copycat site's owner.

But when you come up with a brand new idea, you can really clean up.

I've just launched a new site: The idea is very simple. I've put 500 words on a page and publishers can sponsor a link from that word to their site. The links stay up for two years, give traffic and provide a novel experience for both visitors and sponsors. For a slightly larger fee, publishers can also add their own keywords.

Within three days, 300 of the original words had been sold. I've also been inundated with requests for the script I used to create the site.

I didn't sell those words because they were particularly valuable. I sold them because the site had created a buzz -- and that's what happens when you create a new idea online.

The Web is a very gossipy world. Whenever something new and exciting happens, word gets around very, very fast. Links are posted, emails exchanged and people start asking each other if they've seen your site. In no time at all, you've got more traffic than you could have possibly imagined. That viral marketing is the real power of the Internet.

Coming up with innovative ideas isn't that hard. The idea for was inspired by I saw what I liked about that site, recognized where it was weak and came up with a whole new idea. I didn't put up another sponsored pixel site -- no one would have been interested in that -- I produced something new.

As you're surfing the Web, ask yourself what new ideas you can come up with. Make it exciting and innovative, and you'll generate a ton of interest.

Joel Comm is The Internet Revenue Expert. Online for over 20 years, Joel teaches people how to make money in the digital age. The recognized authority on Google AdSense, Joel teaches how to multiply your AdSense income at The AdSense Code. To ask Joel Comm a question about making money online, visit Joel invites you to visit his word site,

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Make Money With Social Media and Affiliate Programs

Make Money With Social Media and Affiliate Programs

By Sean Bridger

You've no doubt heard a lot about social media, and how great it can be as an online marketing tool. If used correctly, that's absolutely true. There are several steps you can follow in order to use social media as an effective part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

First, pick a niche you want to enter into. You want to pick a large enough niche that you will have an audience for your products or services, but not one that's so large that it's oversaturated. If the niche is too saturated, your site will get lost in the stream of content that already exists for that niche.

Now you need something to sell to your niche. If you can create a product or service of your own that would appeal to your niche, that's the best thing to do. If not, there are plenty of great affiliate programs out there that can help you to bring in some income without creating a product of your own.
Now, take some time, and give yourself a social media presence. Create a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a YouTube account related to the niche you are entering into. Each account should have a name directly related to the niche you're entering into. Take some time to consider the name of each account carefully, and while you're doing this, start thinking about potential names for a website.
The next step is to create a website. You'll want to register your domain name, rather than, The domain name should contain keywords directly related to your niche, so take some time and think carefully about what to call your new site. Generally speaking, it's a good idea to run a blog rather than a site that won't be updated frequently. Search engines favor sites with frequent updates, and blogging software tends to be very SEO friendly.

Once your new site is up it's time to bring it all together. Start using your social media accounts to promote your website. Post links to your content on Facebook and Twitter, and make videos relevant to your niche to post on YouTube. Update your social media accounts, and your blog frequently, and you'll start seeing a good amount of traffic in no time. As your traffic grows, you'll get more attention to your affiliate programs, and as such, you'll generate more revenue.

Hi my name is Sean Bridger, I am 28 years old and am a internet marketer, stock market investor and enjoy life to the fullest. I run my own internet business and am looking at mentoring others who wish to make money online

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Avoiding Social Media Marketing Failures

Avoiding Social Media Marketing Failures

By John Basilone

If you want to succeed in your SEO or any other business online, it is important that you know the effective ways about social media optimization. Below are some of the tips to help you market you prevent the risks of facing some of the most common social media marketing failures.
• List down all the things that you want to accomplish using your marketing strategy. Some of the things that you may want to include in your objectives are networking, SEO, customer relations, branding, and so many others.
• Always reach out for your target audience. Think like the way your target market does. What are they looking for and most importantly what do they want the most.
• Always give content that has the quality that they want. And see to it that you do it consistently. Consistent quality content is the key to help your social media marketing successful especially when it comes to search engine optimization.
• Do not give more time to marketing. Instead spend more time focusing on your content. If you would give high quality content, you do not have to try hard marketing because it will already do the work for you. You would be surprised to know how your website would become popular simply because you have the right content.
• Never abuse the power of optimization. With the right social media marketing strategies, sooner or later you will become part of the highest rankings in search engines. However, if you over-optimize it would actually do more harm than good in your website. Search engines are now doing some actions on sites who over optimize to prevent it from manipulating the results given by the search engines.
• Instead of giving a link to your site's homepage, link to your About Me section so that they would know more about you first and your website.
• Include resources in your link. People would get tired if they would see that you are promoting your own website again and again. Look for websites that are relevant to yours and include it in your content. Do not even hesitate to include the links of your competitors as well. You might be surprised to know that this can actually be a great way to start networking and interlinking which is very essential in any new website.
• Create a good social network with the other website owners. Those who are in the same niche as yours may be your competitor but it actually does not matter when it comes to marketing social media. They can be your partners by exchanging links, joining online ventures together, and so many more possibilities. Other than exchanging links, you can also exchange comments at the same time.
Author enjoys writing on wide range of topics and recommends SEO Houston for Social Media Marketing services. You may visit for more details.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Social Media Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Plan
By Simon J. Maselli

Do you know how to Leverage your social media marketing plan to maximize your business exposure to the internet?

Social networking is the latest revolution in online advertising and it continually surprises me how few leverage its potential. It is relatively simple to set up and once you reach critical mass, the results from social media marketing are awesome.

Read on to find steps on setting up your social network.

1. Set up a business page on Facebook. This is relatively simple to achieve. Sign up to Facebook and set-up a personal page. You would then set up your social media marketing page by establishing either a group or a page. My personal recommendation is to set up your social media marketing plan as a page. Complete as much information in the business information tabs as possible and remember to link back to your main website.

2. Set up a profile on twitter. Go to the Twitter home page and select "New User". Twitter is currently the fastest growing community on the internet. Complete the relevant information and verify your account. The next step is to search twitter for users interested in similar ideas as your business. There are a number of options you can target your social media marketing prospects, from your contacts lists to keyword searches. Take your time and add as many new contacts as time permits.

3. Visit LinkedIn and make a new profile. Linked in often gets users searching for individuals/business for work so it is key to make sure that you completely fill out the details required for a complete profile. This will leverage your social media marketing opportunity and ensure your LinkedIn prospects know what you are about.

4. Join Digg and begin to submit the pages of your website to the Digg Community.

5. Join StumbleUpon and submit pages from your website. This is one of the largest source of traffic early in your websites development and it is important that you maximise the power this resource has to offer to leverage social media marketing.

6. Add buttons to your website that will enable you to link from your website to each of these to your Social networking profiles. there are widgets and banners available at each of the Social Network Marketing sites that you can simply cut and paste into your website to Leverage the Power of this Medium

If you follow these 6 steps to Social Media Marketing you will be well on your way to leveraging the power of this marketing strategy.

Simon Maselli is a Progressive, innovative, energetic and diversely experienced Entrepreneur, and Professional Deal Maker with more than 16 years success as a Leader/Project Manager on multi-million dollar projects with some of the top ASX listed companies in Australia.

As a Social Media Specialist and expert in the field of Personal Branding who focuses on Return On Investment by boosting your personal and business presence, Simon gets Results

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Media and New Marketing in the New Internet World

Times have changed. We are now in an era of "New Marketing". An internet world where you cannot sell anything to anyone. A world where people buy from you because you have built a relationship and where they trust you, believe in you and perceive you as an "expert".

In order to market your products and services in this "New World", you must build relationships. Social Media Marketing (SMM) gives you the tools to accelerate this relationship building, but does not completely replace person to person marketing, where building relationships is also the key to growing your business, increasing your sales and maximizing your profits.

I have created a simple formulas for "Building Relationships" online and offline. This acronym was created with the help of one of my Social Media University students, Joe Garafolo, who realized that the three steps that I outline for building relationships spelled out this simple acronym. The acronym helps me program my students to remember how to build relationships.

In order to build relationships you must fill up your marketing efforts with G.A.S.
  • First: Give away your knowledge.
  • Second: Answer Questions
  • and Third: Solve problems

If you think about it, why do people search Google and enter your web site? Because they are either looking for knowledge and/or questions, or they are trying to solve a problem they currently have. Can you think of any other reason they visit your web site? Don't answer... it's a pronounced "no". They come to the web or your web site looking for G.A.S. Your job is to pump the G.A.S.

Finally, when trying to figure out what to update (write) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other Social Media Marketing engine, remember to write something that "Builds Relationships". Write something that shows your expertise and knowledge and helps the reader gain that knowledge or wisdom. Write an update that anticipates and answers the reader's questions. Or think about what problems you solve for your clients when they purchase and use your product or service and post an update that teaches or shows them how you solve their problems.

Everything you write or send your clients or potential clients, online or offline, should fit into the "Building Relationships" model of G.A.S. Give of your Knowledge, Answer Questions and Solve Problems. Building Relationships is the "New" and only way to market your products or services in the "New Marketing" world. Give it the G.A.S. and you will enjoy new prosperity in your business.

Manny Sarmiento - SMMM
"The Social Media Marketing Magnet Man"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If You Are Not Social Bookmarking, You're Not Social Media Marketing

"If You Are Not Social Bookmarking, You're Not Social Media Marketing"

I have atended over 50 seminars, workshops, teleseminars and webinars about Social Media Marketing. Only 2 of them mentioned Social Bookmarking. This reaffirms that there are many so-called "Social Media Marketing Experts" who have no idea what they are talking about!

Social Bookmarking must be an integral part of your social media marketing strategy, if you want to see real results. Social Bookmarking serves multiple purposes; first, it can create real "dofollow" backlinks to your web site. Backlinks are important in increasing your rankings on Google and other search engines.

Second, Social Bookmarking can get you found on Google, Yahoo and Bing because... well, Google won't tell us why, but you will find bookmarked links for your website, YouTube video, blog and other links on Google results. As Nike says, "Just Do It". You will see the results in search engine searches.

Which Social Bookmarks should you use? I recommend, in order of importance, Propeller, Technorati, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and Reddit. Propeller shows up often in search results on Google.

What should you bookmark? Bookmark as much as possible all of your other "Viral" accounts. For example, bookmark your video from your own channel (account). Bookmark your Blog, especially on (make sure that you have "claimed" your blog on Technorati). This is a secret - bookmark your Facebook account and your Twitter account. Get the RSS from Twitter on the RSS icon.

Last but not least, bookmark other people's stuff. If you like an article on someone else's blog, bookmark it on your accounts. Found interesting web sites while searching your subject matter? Bookmark it! You must open accounts in these Social Bookmarking sites in order to bookmark and see results.

Bookmark as often and as much as possible. The more you bookmark, the greater your results! Use to make it easier and faster.

Start Social Bookmarking today! Start seeing results today!

Manny Sarmiento - Social Media MagnetMan
New Media, New Marketing, Inc.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top-Quality Content -- The Key To A Successful AdSense Site

Top-Quality Content -- The Key To A Successful AdSense Site

By Joel Comm

Google's got a problem. We've all seen it. We've all had to deal with it. We've all been frustrated by it.

Enter a search term at Google and about a quarter to half of the results on the first page will be garbage. A couple of meaningless paragraphs and plenty of ad units and in-your-face banners.

The SEO is excellent. The content is terrible. And you can be sure the revenues are rock bottom too.

I'm not interested in building sites like that, and no one else should be either. They're a waste of time for the publisher and they're a waste of time for users too.

And they're also completely unnecessary.

Creating top quality content -- the sort that builds loyal users and gets ad clicks -- is easy. You don't have to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist to create good articles. And you don't have to write like Hemingway to create Web pages that bring users back.

You just have to write the sort of content that people find interesting. That's all there is to it.

The best judge of whether an article is interesting is you. If you find your content enjoyable to create, there's a good chance that your users will find reading it appealing too.

One of the easiest ways to create interesting content is to write product reviews. Whatever you like to do in your spare time is going to have plenty of products. That's true whether you're playing golf, building home entertainment systems or doing home improvements.

You already know which of those products are the best and which are disappointing.

Write short reviews of the products you own -- or would like to own -- and you'll provide valuable information for users.

And you'll also bring up highly targeted ads.

When you're looking to create a new site rather than pick topics that you know have high-paying ads, pick topics that have high interest for you. You'll be able to create better content, and you'll have more users who will return regularly and give your site a solid base.

Joel Comm is The Internet Revenue Expert. Online for over 20 years, Joel teaches people how to make money in the digital age. The recognized authority on Google AdSense, Joel teaches how to multiply your AdSense income at The AdSense Code. To ask Joel Comm a question about making money online, visit

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