Wednesday, June 16, 2010

New Media and New Marketing in the New Internet World

Times have changed. We are now in an era of "New Marketing". An internet world where you cannot sell anything to anyone. A world where people buy from you because you have built a relationship and where they trust you, believe in you and perceive you as an "expert".

In order to market your products and services in this "New World", you must build relationships. Social Media Marketing (SMM) gives you the tools to accelerate this relationship building, but does not completely replace person to person marketing, where building relationships is also the key to growing your business, increasing your sales and maximizing your profits.

I have created a simple formulas for "Building Relationships" online and offline. This acronym was created with the help of one of my Social Media University students, Joe Garafolo, who realized that the three steps that I outline for building relationships spelled out this simple acronym. The acronym helps me program my students to remember how to build relationships.

In order to build relationships you must fill up your marketing efforts with G.A.S.
  • First: Give away your knowledge.
  • Second: Answer Questions
  • and Third: Solve problems

If you think about it, why do people search Google and enter your web site? Because they are either looking for knowledge and/or questions, or they are trying to solve a problem they currently have. Can you think of any other reason they visit your web site? Don't answer... it's a pronounced "no". They come to the web or your web site looking for G.A.S. Your job is to pump the G.A.S.

Finally, when trying to figure out what to update (write) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other Social Media Marketing engine, remember to write something that "Builds Relationships". Write something that shows your expertise and knowledge and helps the reader gain that knowledge or wisdom. Write an update that anticipates and answers the reader's questions. Or think about what problems you solve for your clients when they purchase and use your product or service and post an update that teaches or shows them how you solve their problems.

Everything you write or send your clients or potential clients, online or offline, should fit into the "Building Relationships" model of G.A.S. Give of your Knowledge, Answer Questions and Solve Problems. Building Relationships is the "New" and only way to market your products or services in the "New Marketing" world. Give it the G.A.S. and you will enjoy new prosperity in your business.

Manny Sarmiento - SMMM
"The Social Media Marketing Magnet Man"

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