Saturday, August 7, 2010

Innovation - The Secret Of Giant Success

Innovation - The Secret Of Giant Success

By Joel Comm

Surf the Web for more than about five minutes and you'll start to recognize a pattern: there are a small number of great sites that do fantastic things... and a very large number of me-too sites that try to make money by doing the exact same thing.

Now I'm not saying there's anything wrong with those me-too sites. I'm all in favor of competition and sometimes a me-too site can offer features that improve on the original. They might make less money than the original but even if they only make a fraction of the first site's income, that can often be enough for the copycat site's owner.

But when you come up with a brand new idea, you can really clean up.

I've just launched a new site: The idea is very simple. I've put 500 words on a page and publishers can sponsor a link from that word to their site. The links stay up for two years, give traffic and provide a novel experience for both visitors and sponsors. For a slightly larger fee, publishers can also add their own keywords.

Within three days, 300 of the original words had been sold. I've also been inundated with requests for the script I used to create the site.

I didn't sell those words because they were particularly valuable. I sold them because the site had created a buzz -- and that's what happens when you create a new idea online.

The Web is a very gossipy world. Whenever something new and exciting happens, word gets around very, very fast. Links are posted, emails exchanged and people start asking each other if they've seen your site. In no time at all, you've got more traffic than you could have possibly imagined. That viral marketing is the real power of the Internet.

Coming up with innovative ideas isn't that hard. The idea for was inspired by I saw what I liked about that site, recognized where it was weak and came up with a whole new idea. I didn't put up another sponsored pixel site -- no one would have been interested in that -- I produced something new.

As you're surfing the Web, ask yourself what new ideas you can come up with. Make it exciting and innovative, and you'll generate a ton of interest.

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