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Internet Marketing Tactics - Social Media

Internet Marketing Tactics - Social Media

By Gail Bottomley Posted by Manny Sarmiento

Your advertising and promotion strategy as an internet marketer, should include the new kind of interactive communication online by the use of social media. It is all about engaging actively and 'meeting' with other sociable people regularly even with day to day information (social networking) or highlighting worthwhile articles, videos or websites (social bookmarking) through to accessing forums where visitors share their feelings on a certain issue.

Social media is now a crucial opportunity to promote your blog or website. Your first opportunity is to include a link to your blog in your profile page. Or, notify your online friends of your blog through your messages, but only every now and then. Keep in mind that your network is in point of fact social, so frequent selling will have you 'blocked' or 'uninvited'. Continue your social integrity.

Social Networking

The most well-liked social networking tools are Facebook and Twitter with many people linking them both to save time making entries. There are various other social networking sites such as: FledgeWing which is an entrepreneurial community aimed at worldwide university students; Gogoyoko Fair Play in Music that is a site for musicians and music lovers; Shelfari for booklovers; Yahoo! Answers which is a platform simply for questions and answers.

With over 62 million active members, Facebook is a network that gives an enormous possibility for attaining high rankings. Similarly, when utilised in combination with Twitter, especially Twitter accounts for a specific niche, your sphere of influence can expand exponentially. After you have formed a credible reputation, you can from time to time, recommend a great website or a great article, video or webinar. This is how you draw visitors to your sites.

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking sites including Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Reddit and StumbleUpon (to identify just a few) enable you to share, arrange, search, and handle references to articles, videos or websites. In other words, they are in fact a reference point from which people are directed to the material they may be in search of. Often they are attached with comments or votes of support or disapproval. This is called a 'folksonomy' or social tagging and the benefit to internet marketers is that you are able to make certain your own tagged annotations are keyword-rich and include a URL to your site.

There are two crucial steps to social bookmarking and social networking:

1. Provide a set of links to all of your favourite social sites below your posts to facilitate targeted visitors to also extend the good word of your site's content. Free tools such as Social Twist, make the process fast and simple.

2. Notify your preferred social sites yourself, again using your Social Twist program, when you add a post on your site (be it visual or audio).


Forums are the third form of attracting traffic via social contacts, and should be another of your internet marketing strategies. These encourage people to recognize you as an authority in your subject so you may point them, again only from time to time, to your site.

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